Evaluation & Organizational Insights’ (EOI) mission is to help organizations identify and collect information needed to make wise decisions and improve performance.

Sometimes organizational leaders, whether board members, owners or staff, need information that is not easy to identify or see. Through a process of Organizational Inquiry, EOI can help. Organizational Inquiry more specifically focuses on identifying unwritten roles and rules and other factors that aren’t necessarily obvious at first glance.

Is your organization effective? Your day to day operations may be clipping along at a good pace, but it is hard to find the time to think whether the numbers will all add up in the end. Do you have enough customers or participants to support your costs? What are your costs? Are your helping people reach their goals by providing what they really need and in a way they can access what you have to offer? Program Evaluation is the art of setting up systems to collect useful information on a regular and ongoing basis and then using the information to make decisions. EOI can help you set up those systems.

Is your organization efficient? With some thoughtful change you can often eliminate the waste of time or resources. Are your people in the right jobs, doing what they do best? Does the way you divide up roles and responsibilities make sense? Does the work “flow” smoothly around your organization with everyone knowing their part and to whom they need to pass the ball? EOI’s Process and Quality Improvement can help you think about these questions and find solutions that work for your organization. ​​